Andalusia High School Marching Band 2012-2013

Andalusia High School a well known school for its amazing athletes as well as its future musicians and incredible artists, but extracurriculars arent everything we have to offer for we have some of the brightest people. They all dream of one day playing in the big leagues or playing in a symphony or showing there art work to the world or even to just invent something. Though they are all different they all want to show how talented and amazing each and everyone of them are.

The band began practice for the upcoming parades and events.

The very first thing the marching band ever did that was out of the ordinary was be in the alumni celebration, which was also on the same night as senior night. This was a big day for both the returning class and for the seniors getting ready to move onto bigger and better thing. And the Band being lead by Drum Major: Sung Mo for the playing of the Alma Mater made it a big day for everyone for it was the first time our teacher Mr. Shellhouse ever let someone besides himself lead it.

And as the marching band period ends the concert band had just started.It took many morning practices and many hours of practice but the band had walked away with straight ones except in balance, which seemed to be ok with us and our teacher.

And as that contest came and gone we begin to practice for our final thing before the big trip that Mr. Shellhouse organizes for us every 2 or so years. The final piece of the year for us band students. Was the Summer consert which the Andalusia High School puts on for parents and this year for the Middle School.