Library Aide Assignments for this Wiki

  1. Write down your account information! You must know/have access to your user name and password in order to meet these requirements.
  2. Create a "New Page" and name it after yourself
  3. Your page should discuss some library issue that you feel students will find interesting (and appropriate for a school web page!) Issue can include books, magazines, Internet sites, games - board or digital, class issues, tutoring information, etc. These will become more specific later. Right now, just make yourself a page and place some relevant content there.
  4. Check out the new Shelf Assignments!!!! This is very important. I will grade shelves once every week on a random day at the END of your assigned block. Shelves should be organized correctly (either DDS or ABC); shelves should be clean; and shelves should be neatly sitting about 1" from the shelf edge.
  5. If you have Circulation Desk Duties, make sure that you READ that page! You are responsible for these duties every time you assigned this area.
  6. Make sure you follow the Check-out Procedures that are outlined on its own page.

As a portion of your final grade, you must:
Choose an AR book for your reading pleasure. It must be worth a minimum of 5 pts, and you must complete it in time to take the accompanying AR test before the end of the nine week period when Mrs. D. Smith calls an end to AR. This is a 100 point grade and will be the score you earn on your test.