Check-out Procedures:

  1. Go to www. and log in using your user name and password.
  2. Ask for and use the Patron's last name to locate him/her in the computer.
  3. Ask the person if the name listed is indeed his/her name.
  4. If the screen identifies the incorrect person, identify by name and be very careful that you select the correct name in the list of names
  5. Check to see if the person has any other books checked out (never no more than 2 allowed)
  6. Check to see if the person owes any money; alert them of the amount.
  7. If a person owes $2 or more, he/she must see the librarian before checking out a book.
  8. Check to see if the person's gmail address is listed in his/her information (see Patron Status)
  9. DO NOT add a book to the computer collection that does not appear in the collection! Do make sure that you have scanned the correct barcode AND that you are in the main collection (SL) not the temporary collection (CS)