Circulation Desk Duties:

  1. Make sure that people coming in the library SIGN IN at the desk
  2. Check out and renew books
  3. Check the drop-off box for books that need to be checked in and do that
  4. Ask another aide to re-shelve the newly checked in books
  5. Collect money for overdue books/fines/printing/class materials, etc. Complete the information on the collection sheet clipboard and have the patron initial the transaction. Hand over money to the librarian as soon as the transaction is complete and/or get correct change from the librarian.
  6. Keep Circulation area tidy: no stacks of anything on the counter, including your books or purse/bag
  7. Keep non-library-aides from behind the circulation area. No one should "hang out" behind the circulation desk. Anyone back there should have permission to use one of the three computers along the wall.
  8. No one but you should be on Computer 1 or 2, ever, and you should NOT be playing games on either of these.
  9. Monitor the computer use behind the circulation desk. Student use should not include use of social networking sites!
  10. Make sure that you make students aware that printing costs $.25 per page AND make sure they PRINT to the library on ahsserver1