Library Games.

This page is describes games that you can play in the library that are appropriate for school. They are also games that you don't need to talk or make sounds because you are in a library. They are mostly brain games, but don't think too hard!

  1. You can go to this website that has brain games. It has a game that you got to see the differences in each picture. Other games are like checkers and sudoku but have weird twists to them. Just check it out and have fun.
  2. You dont have any board games, dont have a computer, well dont worry! you can play games with just a pencil and paper. First game you can play is called Countdown: The players take turns in choosing letters until nine letters have been named. Then they try to construct a word just using those letters. The player who has found the longest word wins. Second game is Dots and Boxes: The game is played starting with a rectangular array of dots. The two players take turns to join to adjacent dots with a horizontal or veritcal line. If a player completes the fourth side of a box the initial that box and must draw another line. When all the boxes are completed the winner is the player who initialled the most boxes. Third game but not the last is Pictionary: The players should be in two teams. One team secretly thinks of a common phrase and whispers it to one member of the other team, chosen as the artist. Then the artist has to get the members of their own team to guess the phrase by drawing a picture. No talking or drawing clues.
  3. If you dont like these games that i have above then there is a couple games you can play with your friends and other teenagers. You can go to the website that i have listed here: One game on there is called Chicken Feed. You can have up to eight people play and you must sit around a table and get a pack of cards, shuffle the cards and then one card is selected from the middle of the pack, the card is shown to everyone and then resuffled into the pack again. The cards are dropped face up into the middle of the table and the players using your little finger only try to find the card. The winner is the one who gets the card off the table into their lap. If a player uses anything else apart from their little finger they are disqualified.