prom, Prom, PROM!!!!

How to plan, organize, and execute a prom just like a professional.

Planning a Prom can be a very simple or very difficult task. Prom should be a special time to remember; follow these simple steps for an unforgetable prom night.

Step 1: GET AHEAD: I suggest over Christmas Holidays the class president should get together with his/her officers and gather a few ideas for themes. (It is best to start on this as early as you can, because once January gets here, you hit the ground running.)

Step 2: Once the president and the officers get a few theme ideas together, assign each of the officers a theme to go and research and create a "packet". The packet should include ideas/drawings for a ceiling, Senior walk-through, table centerpieces, lobby decorations, and a picture backdrop.

Ceiling- The ceiling is traditionally decorated with lights streamers and some rough form of a chandelier or central light hanging.


Senior Walk-Through- The senior walk-through is traditionally constructed on the far side of the volleyball gym closest to the dressing rooms. The design should fit the theme and include a way for seniors to actually "walk-through" it while their name is being announced.


Table centerprices- should match the theme. There will be at least 10 tables you will need to have centerpieces for.


Lobby Desecrations- Lobby decorations should fit the theme. These need to be as simple as possbile, due to the fact they will have to be put up after school the DAY OF PROM. The only requirement is you must have one table to designate as the sign in and out table; it must be decorated.


Picture Backdrop: The picture backdrop will have to be decorated the Wednesday before Prom on Thursday. It will be set up in the Library, so don't get too crazy; however, be creative.


Step 3: Check our your budget. This is possibly the most important part of planning for Prom. You do NOT need to go over budget! Do the best you can with what you've got; however, take into consideration that you will have more money coming in in the form of class fees over the next year.

Step 4: A week or so after you get back from school from Christmas holidays, talk to you class sponsor and set up a class meeting so you can vote on one of the theme packets. REMEMBER: put the meeting on the announcements and tell everyone you know so you don't have people complain about not knowing about the meeting.

Step 5: At the meeting allow each of the people with packets to present their ideas to the class. The packets should include drawings, actual pictures, websites, magazine clippings etc. Then, vote. Try to keep the voting restricted to just the packets presented; things can get very complicated if you try to vote on ideas people just rattled off the top of their brain. At this meeting it is also very important to delegate a person or group of people to being designing a t-shirt if you want one; further meetings for tshirts should be planned according to the person designing them.

Step 6: Class President should make a detailed list of ALL the items needed for prom and their prices. You may need to do order some things off the internet or from Prom supply stores such as Anderson's, Stump's, or PromNite; you just specify how the items will be obtained Submit this to your class sponsor for approval and ordering.

Example: 2 Cans Black Spray Paint- $2.99 each- Wall Mart
1 50foot roll of Black Gossamer-$49.99-Stump's Party Supply

Step 7: Talk to you class sponsor about setting up a parent meeting. At this parent meeting discuss what food the parents will bring. Also get the list you submitted to the class sponsor and see if any of the parents already have the materials you need before you order/purchase them. Also, please remind the parents that this is YOUR prom, do not let them take over!! It is also important to get a list of the parent's email so you will be able to keep them informed on what is going on.

Step 8: Order and purchase your materials. Remember, it is NEVER too early to go ahead and get your stuff. Back orders could lead to a horrible disaster.

Step 9: Talk to you class sponsor about hiring a DJ. Most of the time your sponsor has already done this in advance; however, be safe and check and make sure.

Step 10: Get as much built/put together before the week you start decorating. You could pick a location such as the home of the class president or even the home of the class sponsor.

Step 11: Set up you decorating schedule with your class sponsor. Make sure you publicize this and let everyone know. Send this out to the parent's email, put it on the announcements, and put it ALL OVER Facebook.

Step 12: Order in which the decorations should to up: Ceiling, senior walk-through, picture backdrop, table decorations, lobby decorations. (Lobby decorations cannot go up until the day of prom.) Also, ceiling decorations are done on the floor ahead of time them raised to the top; therefore, this must be done the first night to clear the floor for further decorating.

Step 13: Work hard the week of and be prepared to have a fun-filled night. You have worked hard and hopefully will love your final result.

Below are some links and videos of some helpful sights for prom shopping etc.

People to contact to ask for advice:

Stephen Caton: (334)-222-3534
John Beasley:
Cavelle Jones: